Saturday, July 25, 2009

What's new at cutiepoops?

Cutiepoops will be coming out with several new items over the next month or two. The one that I am most excited about is cutiepoops new luxury line of cloth diapers. Bamboo velour is all the rage right now in the cloth diaper world and cutiepoops is joining in. Ready made diapers in fun outer fabrics and bamboo velour inners will be coming soon. The luxury line of diapers will not be made available for regular diaper orders at this time. Also cutiepoops is coming out with cute fleece shortie and tee sets. I've been making them for my baby since he rips his diapers off now (lots of fun) So I put a fleece shortie over and the diapers stay on and my floors stay dry! I made a few baby tee's with cute matching fleece shapes. I'll be selling these sets ready made as well. You'll be able to find all these ready made items on the website soon!

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  1. Just became a follower of your site. I have never used cloth before. I placed an order a few months before my son was born and now he is a month old and finally big enough to fit into your small diapers....I LOVE them! Thanks again for a great product! I will definantly be telling all my friends and famiy!!!