Sunday, February 22, 2009

No more vinyl!

When I started out making cutiepoops, I used a vinyl waterproof layer. I had no problems with it at all, until I got a defective batch of vinyl. I just can't chance that happening again...kinda bad for business if I send out products that don't work!! So after doing some research I've made the switch to 100% nylon for the waterproof layer. A very "green" friend of mine is thrilled that I had a vinyl problem because she wanted me to switch to nylon anyway. I'm thankful for those few customers who got a defective batch and understood the problem. I stand behind my diapers, they work great, I just couldn't see this happening... So those few customers got some free diapers, so I think it all worked out well. Now what does this mean for the price of my diapers since nylon does cost more than vinyl??? Nothing!! I figured it out to cost about $.25 more per diaper... I'll happily take that loss if it means I'm sending out a product that won't have any issues. My goal will always be to make a great product affordable to everyone. I don't plan on making millions off of my diapers, this is just a great way to help my family out and help out others while doing something I enjoy!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

cloth has made a come back baby!!

Hi, and welcome to the official blog of cutiepoops pocket cloth diapers! As I've entered the world of cloth diapers I've realized that it's a very addictive world to be in. I had no idea just how far cloth diapers have come. After showing my mom the BumGenius diapers I bought she was amazed at how fantastic cloth diapers are these days. I was too!!!

It's true that cloth diaper are a much cheaper alternative to disposables, but they can still be costly. After my first initial purchase of cloth diapers I had spent over $200 and only had 12 diapers to show for it. I knew their had to be another way. A few things got me thinking I could really make a good quality diaper myself. Since I only 12 diapers and I was using them on two boys, I was doing laundry all the time...
no fun!! I needed more diapers for my boys, and I had a friend who was having a baby and I wanted to get her a set of diapers as a group gift. But since times are hard for everyone these days, not very many people could contribute to the massive purchase! I was looking at a large amount that I'd have to come up with to make up the difference.

I thought their had to be cheaper cloth diapers out there that worked well. I did the usual ebay searches and found a gal who made, while very cute diapers for cheap.... they were CHEAP!! They leaked all over the place, they didn't fit very well, the fabrics weren't the best quality. If I was going to spend the time to make a diaper, it had to be a quality diaper. I got back on my computer and found good diaper fabric, patterns and everything I needed to know about how to make diapers. There are a lot of great resources out there and other gals who are in diaper business who are very helpful. The first few diapers were I made were JOKES! While, yes they worked for the most part, I didn't like any of the patterns I had found online. I had a very specific type of diaper shape in mind that I wanted in order to provide the best coverage and absorbency. After several attempts I finally mastered my patterns. I love the pocket diaper I've created. It's very easy to use, works well and pocket diapers are wonderful because you can add more inserts as needed to customize absorbency for each baby.

I've tested them out on my two kids and on friends kids and I've been very pleased with the results. I had a few people suggest that I sell them.. and so
cutiepoops got its start.

I hope you enjoy cutiepoops as much as I do and appreciate the care that goes into each diaper. My main goal was to provide a quality diaper at an affordable price. I've had a few people suggest that I raise my prices, but I'd rather help others make the switch to cloth by providing an inexpensive yet, quality product.

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