Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Making some improvements!

I love my diaper, I worked very hard to make it as perfect as can be. Over the last year I have had many requests about using PUL as my waterproof layer. I always kept that idea in my mind and loved the idea of using PUL but it is more expensive. I've priced out my options and by buying it in bulk it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. PUL is the #1 waterproof fabric used for cloth diapers. Most of the "big" brands use PUL. PUL is great because it can withstand high heats over and over again. I also want to make a diaper that uses the best materials available and PUL is the best. I will start using PUL in January 2010 (if it gets here by then)! I will need to raise my prices a bit to make up for the extra cost. I will always keep my prices lower than most other diaper companies. I know that people are having a hard time with finances right now and not everyone can afford to spend $18 for a diaper.... and it doesn't even have a cute outer print!

Here are the new prices for the new year....

1 diaper/pull-up $11.95
3 diapers/pull-up $32.95
6 diapers/pull-up $62.95
12 diapers/pull-up $119.95

Newborn $9.95 per diaper

The price for the one size fits all the the diaper covers will remain the same!