Wednesday, August 5, 2009

snap, snaps and more snaps

I have realized since I got my snap press that I love snaps! My little baby can't take them off so I'm happy about that. But I just LOVE snaps! I have even discovered that I love a snap in insert. I still love my pockets, but the snap in insert is so easy. I'm still working on perfecting my serging skills and when I do I'll make a snap in insert available. My one size fits all diapers will have a snap in insert. I discovered that when the diaper is on the smallest setting it can be hard to stuff the insert in with all that folded up fabric, so I decided to use a snap in insert like on some of my fitted diapers. It works great and it's just so easy to snap in. My husband really likes it too because he hates to stuff the diapers. If you haven't tried a snap diaper of any sort I highly recommend it!


  1. Can't get enough of them ehhh? I think I should go into fortune telling!

  2. I love snaps too! Where did you get your snap press...I want one. :)