Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cutiepoops Big 1000 fan giveaway!

Contest is now closed, the winners have been announced on the Cutiepoops facbook page.

We've been anxiously waiting until we reached 1000 fans to have our BIG giveaway. Thank you to all our fans who have helped spread the Cutiepoops love. There have been some amazing sponsors donate some wonderful gifts. With out their help this would not be as fun.

Contest will run from September 16th to September 30th. Winners will be announced on the Cutiepoops FB page October 1st.

There are 4 prize packages, you can enter to win one or all of them. For every entry please list the prize packages you wan to win. In order to win you must "like" each of the sponsors and Cutiepoops on facebook.

1st Prize:

OS Halloween Diaper from Cutiepoops
Wet bag from Baby Bums Boutique Congo
Clean B Wet Wipe Solution plus set of 6 Cutiepoops cloth wipes
Paci Clip from Lilah Moo

2nd Prize:

2 Funktastic wool dryer balls from Bouncing Woolies
Clean B Wet Wipe Solution plus set of 6 Cutiepoops cloth wipes
Leg Warmers from Lilah Moo

3rd Prize: The Frilly one!

Ribbon Beanie Hat from Lilah Moo
2 Korker Bows, 3 crochet Headbands & 1 Boutique princess Bow from Keelan's Krafts
1 girly beaded necklace from Cutiepoops

4th Prize: The mama one!

$15 gift certificate to Angel Made Scents
1 vinyl sign from Vinyl Wall Sayings (Cupcake Couture Girl on Facebook)
1 Cutiepad and Cutieliner from Cutiepoops

Contest Rules:
Please visit each of our wonderful sponsors pages on Facebook and like their page, if you already do like their page then just list that you are already a fan in your comment. Please give your name and email address in each comment so you can be contacted if you win. Each comment counts as one entry in the contest. Don't lump all of your entries into one comment or it will only count as one entry. Be sure to state which prizes you want to enter to win. Each entry must be done correctly or it won't count.

Here is an example of a correct entry.

Adrian Post

I am a fan of Cutiepoops on FB
Prizes 1,2,3,4

Here are the places you need to "Like" to enter

Cutiepoops on Facebook
Clean B on Facebook
Bouncing Woolies on Facebook
Cupcake Couture Girl on Facebook
Lilah Moo on Facebook
Angel Made Scents on Facebook
Keelan's Krafts on Facebook (send a friend request since it's not set up as a business page)
Baby Bums Boutique Congo on Facebook
Additional Entries:

Buy something from any of the sponsors or Cutiepoops from now until the contest is over for 10 additional entries. Email the receipt of purchase and then leave 10 comments on this post.