Thursday, June 23, 2011

Meet my new helpers!

With the amount of orders coming in has just been too much for this WAHM to do alone. I am so happy that I found these two wonderful ladies. They both actually live in my neighborhood and go to church with me.

Heather is my prepper, she adds the labels, velcro, snap reinforcement strips and a few other things. I didn't even know Heather before she started helping. She heard I was looking for help and gave me a call. I'm so glad she contacted me, she is doing a great job.

Charai is my clone, she sews the diapers together after they are prepped. With two of us now sewing diapers together they will get out much faster. Charai and I have been friends for a few years now and she's such a fun person. Charai also teaches piano out of her home to all the kids in the neighborhood. We love getting crafty together, you should have seen us the night we had an electric saw and were trying to build her a faux fireplace. It turned out amazing by the way. Charai is doing a wonderful job and I'm so glad that she decided to help.

The goal is to get all caught up and then I'll have Heather prep all custom and in-stock diapers. Charai will make in-stock diapers while I continue to make custom orders. I am very excited to have both of these wonderful women on board.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You have asked and I've listened!

I recently made some changes to the style of diapers I would sell. I did this to streamline things a bit and to make it so I didn't have to raise my prices to be able to hire a couple of employee's to help get orders out faster. I have been getting lots of emails to bring back the sized diapers and the full prints. I am here to give you what you want in a diaper. In order to bring back sized diapers and full prints and still have employees I need to raise the prices a bit. Sized diapers have been raised by $1, and the price to have a full print diaper is $1 added to the price of your diaper. You can get a full print in every size of diaper offered. I hope you can understand these changes.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Changes are coming!

In order to streamline things around here I am going to need to make some changes. Not sure if I want to make them all at once or do one at a time. I have been thinking of going to all 1/2 print style for quite some time and doing away with sized diapers. I would just sell NB and OS. Babies can easily transition from NB to OS with out any fitting issues.

By doing this it will help get diapers out faster since I can have the prints pre-cut and the suede cloth layer can be pre-made as well. My goal has always been to give you a quality cloth diaper at an affordable price. By doing so my wait time has become longer and longer due to high order volumes. I do have help now which will cut down on the time some, but I feel that I can offer better service to you by getting your diapers out to you sooner.

I really feel that this is the right direction for Cutiepoops. I know there are those out there that really like the full print style or sized diapers so I won't make any of these changes for couple of months so that you can have a chance to place an order now. I will still offer the same cute prints so there will be no worries there. And you will still be able to choose your closure style.

I have been so blessed by the overwhelming support from all the Cutiepoops mama's. Thank you for sharing the Cutiepoops love with others.