Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Photo contest

I've decided to hold a photo contest. As my site is down I've decided to revamp the website a bit. I've had people want to see more pictures of babies in my diapers. I want to see pictures of your kids in my diapers. Please try to make them look website ready, so no pictures of your baby standing in the kitchen or anything. Get creative, go outside in a field of flowers or something really cute. I want to use your pictures for my website. If your picture is selected to use you'll get a free diaper. There could be one winner or many winners depending on how many pictures I want to put on the site. So get out your camera's and start taking some pictures. I want to see the itty bitty's and toddlers in my diapers. The contest will run for the next two months while my site is closed to custom orders. I will be adding some in-stock diapers to the site during this time so if you haven't gotten your Cutiepoops yet you can always get one of those to use.

Send all pictures to adrian@cutiepoops.com

You can enter up to 5 pictures each.

Have fun, and I can't wait to see all your pictures.


  1. I wish I had mine to take pictures of my twins in them! How long are you running the contest?

  2. I'm already dressing Jazzy up in my head!

  3. I'll keep it going at least until the end of the month, maybe a little longer.

  4. I hope my baby and my cutiepoops get here in time to enter!! lol, I'm due the 21st with baby #1! Sorry that it says my name is Adam, I'm using my hubbys google.

  5. awn wish I had a Cutiepoops diaper to get some cute pics! I'm trying to cut down on the amount of diapers I buy lol

  6. aren't we all... I have way too many diapers for my little guy but I keep making him more.