Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meet Windy!

Many of you know I've hired my friend Windy to help me sew diapers. I've blabbed all about my self all over the place but I'd like every to meet Windy. With out her help I'd be even more behind on getting orders out. Windy is an excellent seamstress. She runs her own little shop making custom car seat covers and baby carrier covers called Le Bug Baby. She makes the cutest stuff I've seen. Here's one of her covers that she's made. I borrowed this picture off of her blog.
I need another girl so I can have her make me one of these. She takes orders on a limited basis so she can have time for her family. Windy has 3 kids and she is just now getting into cloth diapers with her youngest who is 2. I gave her one to test out for me with the new PUL I'll be using and she decided to make the switch. I think it's impossible to be around cloth diapers and not fall in love with them. Windy is one of the nicest gals I know. She's a runner and has entered lots of running events. I see her running around the neighborhood. It makes me tired just watching her.. ha ha!

She has no idea I decided to do this post about her, but I wanted everyone to meet Windy. She's doing a great job and I appreciate her very much!


  1. i am windy's sister, meredith, and that is my carseat cover that you posted and my house. : ) and i have to say that it is one of MANY she has made for me and they all hold up very well. you've got yourself some great help!

  2. I've seen some of her carseat covers online adn they are just GORGEOUS!! I LOVE them!!! Good to know that you are getting the help you need, and from someone with awesome talent!

  3. yes, I am very lucky that she moved into my neighborhood or else I wouldn't have ever met her.

  4. Pretty pretty carseat cover. :) Great job Windy!