Thursday, June 23, 2011

Meet my new helpers!

With the amount of orders coming in has just been too much for this WAHM to do alone. I am so happy that I found these two wonderful ladies. They both actually live in my neighborhood and go to church with me.

Heather is my prepper, she adds the labels, velcro, snap reinforcement strips and a few other things. I didn't even know Heather before she started helping. She heard I was looking for help and gave me a call. I'm so glad she contacted me, she is doing a great job.

Charai is my clone, she sews the diapers together after they are prepped. With two of us now sewing diapers together they will get out much faster. Charai and I have been friends for a few years now and she's such a fun person. Charai also teaches piano out of her home to all the kids in the neighborhood. We love getting crafty together, you should have seen us the night we had an electric saw and were trying to build her a faux fireplace. It turned out amazing by the way. Charai is doing a wonderful job and I'm so glad that she decided to help.

The goal is to get all caught up and then I'll have Heather prep all custom and in-stock diapers. Charai will make in-stock diapers while I continue to make custom orders. I am very excited to have both of these wonderful women on board.

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