Saturday, October 2, 2010

The making of one diaper!

I was talking with my new helper today and she thought it would be fun to have a video of the making of a Cutiepoops. I'm not at all computer savy and couldn't upload a video to save my life, but I can give a list of all the steps involved in making one Cutiepoops diaper.

I'll have another posting about Maureen, my new helper in a few days.

Alot of the steps are done in bulk, so when I need something it's already cut out in a bin. But, the steps still get done for each and every diaper.

1. Cut out suede cloth
2. Cut out PUL
3. Cut out print
4. Cut the scraps of PUL for the front panel of suede cloth and for snap/velcro reinforcement
5. Cut 3 elastic strips
6. Cut flap for pocket opening out of suede cloth scraps
7. Cut velcro strip for front of diaper
8. Cut opening for pocket diaper
9. Sew on the Cutiepoops label and size tag
10. Sew the velcro on front panel with PUL strip reinforcement on back/sew on PUL Strip for snap reinforcement then mark the spots for snaps.
11. Put snaps on the front panel
12. reinforce edges of pocket opening with zig zag stitch
13. Sew on PUL strip on the top of suede cloth
14. For 1/2 print design, serge bottom of 1/2 print
15. Sew 1/2 print across the back of diaper
16. Fold under serged part of 1/2 print and sew it down
17. Lay the 2 or 3 layers of the diaper together depending on style pin them and sew them together, putting a strip of PUL over the seam if it's a 1/2 print.
18. If it's a OS diaper, mark the spots for hip snap for elastic to snap into it.
19. Mark OS elastic for snap placement
20. Snap OS elastic
21. Add hip snap to the inside of the diaper.
22. Sew on elastic
23. Turn diaper right side out
24. Top stitch around diaper
25. Add snaps or velcro to the tabs.. luckily I have pre-cut velcro tabs now, before I had to cut them out by hand too.. NO FUN!
26. Cut out microfiber for insert/doublers
27. Serge insert/doubler
28. Stuff diaper with insert
29. Close diaper.

Voila.. It's all done! Now these steps aren't exactly in the same order that they get done since I do a lot of it ahead of time but each and every one of these steps is taken to make your diapers! I hope that you can see all the care and effort that goes into each diaper to make it a quality product for your little babies!

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