Sunday, February 22, 2009

No more vinyl!

When I started out making cutiepoops, I used a vinyl waterproof layer. I had no problems with it at all, until I got a defective batch of vinyl. I just can't chance that happening again...kinda bad for business if I send out products that don't work!! So after doing some research I've made the switch to 100% nylon for the waterproof layer. A very "green" friend of mine is thrilled that I had a vinyl problem because she wanted me to switch to nylon anyway. I'm thankful for those few customers who got a defective batch and understood the problem. I stand behind my diapers, they work great, I just couldn't see this happening... So those few customers got some free diapers, so I think it all worked out well. Now what does this mean for the price of my diapers since nylon does cost more than vinyl??? Nothing!! I figured it out to cost about $.25 more per diaper... I'll happily take that loss if it means I'm sending out a product that won't have any issues. My goal will always be to make a great product affordable to everyone. I don't plan on making millions off of my diapers, this is just a great way to help my family out and help out others while doing something I enjoy!

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